Friday, September 11, 2009

Godly Habits

I try to start my day with prayer and reading God's Word. It just seems to set the tone for my day to go in the right direction and also in making wise decisions. I Really love that feeling of peace and knowing that God is with me throughout the day. Psalm 145: 18 - "The Lord is close to all who call on Him, yes, to all who call on Him sincerely". I also love to listen to good Christian music when I'm doing my chores, typing on the computer or driving in the car. Psalm 146:2 - "I will praise the Lord as long as I live. I will sing praises to my God even with my dying breath".

What we read, see, hear or say will affect how we live our lives and it shows the world around us what's inside. The mind is a constant battlefield, so why not feed ourselves good, clean nourishing food for our souls. Matthew 12:35, "A good person produces good words from a good heart"; Matthew 12:37 - "The words you say now reflect your fate then; either you will be justified by them or you will be condemned".

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  1. Dear sisters:

    You are a precious jewel to the Lord. Allow yourself time to grieve and not stuff your feelings. Continue to reach out to God and invite Him to become the center of your life. Here the words of the Lord from Is. 54:4-8
    that He spoke to Israel, but listen to His
    tenderness to the widow:

    "Fear not; for thou shalt not be ashamed: neither be thou confounded; for thou shalt not be put to shame: for thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth, and shalt not remember the reproach of thy widowhood any more.

    For thy Maker is thine husband; the Lord of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called.

    For the Lord hath called thee as a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit, and a wife of youth, when thou wast refused, saith thy God.

    For a small moment have I forsaken thee; but with great mercies will I gather thee.

    In a little wrath I hid my face from thee for a moment: but with everlasting kindness will I have mercy on thee, saith the Lord thy Redeemer.

    May the love and peace of Jesus fill you hearts
    and minds.

    Gail W.