Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family Ties

Remembering how my life has changed over the last 60 years, I can’t help but reminisce about my younger days. Growing up my family was always together, whether going fishing, swimming, skiing, traveling, or just working around the house. Back then we didn’t have cell phones or computers to keep us occupied, but we did have a lot of fun just being together. Those family activities gave me a sense of security and that’s what I wanted for my children when the time came.
I married my high school sweetheart after dating four years. Four years later we started our family and had our first daughter; and three years later our second daughter came along. We did everything together like going to church, fishing, swimming, bowling, softball, and many other family activities. Sure, we had our struggles, but God helped us get through those tough times and our family stayed together.
Becoming grandparents was a wonderful experience and of course we wanted to be a part of their lives, just like our family had done in the past. We were there when our first three granddaughters were born and I was there when our grandson was born– it was important to be there to greet them as they came into this world.
When my husband of 43 years passed away from cancer, it was God and our family ties that helped me as I went through the grieving process. The Bible talks about both an earthly family and the family of God, which is all believers united together by the bond of faith. James 1:18 – “In His goodness He chose to make us His own children.” Having a wonderful earth family and a loving church family has meant more to me than anything this world could offer.

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